2015 Volkswagen Passat TDI Review

2015 volkswagen passat front view

2015 VW Passat is an extended version of the MKB Group VV platform . Thanks to an extended version of the platform , is a broad spectrum of variants , coupe , sedan coupe , convertible . Regarding the new vehicle and the platform styling new , 2015 Passat models are about 200 pounds lighter , the table would be affected by the new lighter chassis . 2015 passat tdi Exterior changes experienced by the Passat Video espionage but not disguised , we can not reveal much .

2015 volkswagen passat  rear view

2015 VW Passat Review

We know only a few details of what we emphasize the new styling , which is far more athletic with a certain amount of elegance . It really is a bit of data , but what we know for sure and unfortunately , it is that they will not have LED lights , also known that an increase in the chrome grille , larger headlights that have , in the double rear – integrated trapezoidal tailpipes . The last part looks quite modern with lines that changed the bumper . We are very sorry that we do not have further information because I think the new 2015 passat tdi models deserves it . Especially when we know that the last model CODEC B7 , there is no real change and the platform has not changed is 15 years . However, although we have to wait impatiently for some time , to become thoroughly familiar with this model , which is one of the most popular in Europe . Speculation about the interior changes , associated with changes in style over the Passat CC . Rumors are circulating about the increased use of high quality materials and are safe biggest investment in improving the infotainment system and all security functions .

2015 volkswagen passat concept

New Volkswagen Passat 2015 Engine

The German giant , respected and recognized throughout the world , will offer hope and good quality aggregate drive passat 2015. Of course you are , and this is unofficial information, however , it is worth mentioning . It is possible to be found in the new model, the 1.4 liter TSI engine with a production output of 122 hp , then 1.8 L TSI with an output of 184 hp . Diesel engines are simply inevitable when the Passat in question, and could find a 2.0 L TDI diesel with 110 hp , with two chargers and up to 230 hp. There is a huge opportunity for plug -in hybrid drive . In any case , it will surely be improvements in fuel efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Opportunity to demonstrate this model will probably have at the Frankfurt Motor Show , 2015th.

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