2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia righ view

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia already announced its presence , 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia will definitely be present along with contemporary car design , futuristic along with Italian fashion . The most important element is that machine . Alfa Romeo Giulia hope to show luxury . Expected , given the car’s design can be printed immediately to the public in 2014 .

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia front view

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia to the exterior is expected to meet demand in 2015 , especially for fans of the first . We think that the company should pay attention to weight around first . In order to bring a new image for the enthusiast , it is a must for companies to make lighter weight by cutting through the material . A necessary replace fiber or aluminum , for example using the current broad be an effective option for automakers . Hopefully, the company also provides a choice of colors , new headlamps , new bumpers , new alloy wheels and chrome are also new for 2015 Giulia .

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia concept

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia Eksterior

Speaking of the interior , must show its luxury cars . Because of the Alfa 159 replacement , of course, should have a better interior than the Alfa . This car was designed as a Sedan . We estimate that the interior will be equipped with safety features for its braking , steering wheels , airbags , blind – spot and many more . 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia is also possible to have a good quality seat cover , new upholstery and dashboard enhanced entertainment features like Bluetooth speakers , Audio and Touchscreen display .

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia rear view

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia Engine

For the engine , this car has a great concept but powerful engine . We hear that the car will use a V6 Biturbo . Through a system of this engine , the car is of course possible to produce 330 horsepower . We predict that the most powerful engine options will certainly belong to the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2015.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia Release Date

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia hope will be launched in March 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show . On its debut , we heard some reports suggest it to be the launch especially at the end of 2015 or at the beginning of the year . Well , there will be great competition 2015 is waiting for this car .

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